The heart of the community

       St Hilda's Prayer Group meets on alternate Tuesday mornings at 11.00 am -12.00 noon in the Church vestry. Currently, there are 6 regular members and occasional visits from others. We welcome you to join us if and when you can. Please see the 'Diary' page of our website for future dates when the Prayer Group meets.

        With the help of bible readings and music, we meet to praise and thank God, and to pray for healing for specific people and situations, in our local community and in the wider world. The power of prayer knows no boundaries, it is a privilege and a joy to meet together in the presence of God, to pray to Him, to be listened to by Him and to have our prayers answered in ways that He, in his infinite wisdom knows are best. Praying together also offers opportunities to foster fellowship and friendship and to give caring responses to the requests we receive for prayer.

          If you would like us to pray for you or for someone you know, please contact us at the Church or leave a name on the 'Prayer Request' page of our website. God knows all our needs and it is not necessary to tell us the details of your prayer request, unless you would like to. Anything you do tell us will be given total confidentiality.


The Prayer Group and ‘Praying Together’

                                          Prayer of the month


Most merciful God, giver of everything that is good, help us we pray to reflect the love you have for us, in everything we do. May we see your Son, our saviour, in every situation. Fill us with your Holy Spirit, as the disciples received so long ago, and help us to bring your kingdom in our daily lives to friend and stranger.

We pray in the name of Jesus Christ






                                          Prayer Ministry

St Hilda's also has a Prayer Ministry Team who can pray with you for blessing and healing for you or for someone known to you. Members of the Prayer Ministry Team are available during the Communion services at 6.30 pm on the second Sunday of each month and at 10.30 am on the third Sunday of each month.