St Hilda’s Church
   Warley Woods
                                Welcome to St Hilda's

        St Hilda's is a friendly and welcoming Anglican church on Abbey Road, close to the junction with Harborne Road and Warley Woods park. We are a growing community of people of all ages and different backgrounds, committed to learning what it means to love God and our neighbours more generously.

What we promise to you:
We will make you welcome
We will be family-friendly
We will be practical and relevant
We will offer you time to stop and think in a busy life
We will help you explore answers to your deepest questions
We will help you make sense of who Jesus is
We will help you discover for yourself God's love, acceptance and forgiveness
We will offer you the chance to make a new start

   Taking that first step through the door of a new place is never easy. So we hope our website helps you learn more about us to make that first visit easier.

     When you are ready we have services on a Sunday and Wednesday. But we also have other quieter ways of beginning to explore St Hilda's.

      If you want to just come in and pray alone or pray for someone else, then why not come when the church is open on Wednesdays between 10am and 5pm.

     Or perhaps you would like to explore more about what it means to be a Christian and would like to look at a few other websites.