Our church aims to reach out to our local schools and community groups and serve them in any way possible.

We can arrange for the usual assemblies or RE lessons to be given by an experienced and enthusiastic talker and in a fun and interactive manner, but why restrict your school experience to just that?

        Why not visit us? We can arrange for storytelling, tours of the site, information on Christianity or a wider exploration of Faith and belief in the 21st century.


        We can help you to provide a contemplative space – at your school or in our church -  where children can let go of everyday pressures and explore their own imaginations for a while.

         Or maybe you are exploring a social issue such as homelessness and would appreciate a visual and interactive representation.

       Do you need a large venue for an assembly, an exhibition of children’s work, a celebration service for those leaving for new schools after the summer break?

     We can offer a spacious building that is wheelchair and pushchair friendly and has ample parking.

Do you need help to create an Easter or Christmas display at school? Would you like somewhere to hold an Easter bonnet parade? Do you need a large kitchen space for children to explore a project on healthy eating?

       In God all things are possible so please ask us to help.

Contact Mandy Saunders by Email

or by phone 07519 163 974

              Our usual policy is not to charge for schools liaison work.

       Would you like us to pray for you or your school? Send prayer requests to my e-mail and I will pass them on to our prayer ministry team who will pray for you. Just a first name or a situation is enough if you prefer not to send details.

                     You can turn to God at any time and in any place.